Quadriga Partners is a middle market investment bank offering merger and acquisition and capital raising advisory services exclusively to healthcare companies.



Established in 2009 by seasoned professionals with diverse experiences across private equity, corporate finance, bulge bracket investment banks and middle market M&A boutiques, Quadriga Partners was founded on the belief that the traditional approach to investment banking is not the only-or best-way to serve our clients.


Four horses, harnessed abreast, driving a two-wheeled chariot. This is the definition of a quadriga, and is symbolic of the underlying philosophy upon which our partnership was based. Much as the chariot gains exponential strength when driven by multiple horses, our healthcare clients benefit from the deep knowledgebase and various perspectives applied to each deal by our team of dedicated, accomplished investment bankers.


How are we different? The Quadriga Partners philosophy is simple: we treat our clients as partners and are focused on the formation of long-term relationships rather than individual transactions. We work closely with our clients to gain an intimate understanding of their motivations and financial aspirations, and we approach every deal with a fresh, analytical perspective to ensure a client's individual goals are not restricted by a one-size-fits-all structure.



Quadriga provides the full spectrum of traditional investment banking services, including advising on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising transactions as well as providing strategic advisory services. We begin by obtaining an intimate understanding of our client’s short and long-term objectives.


Even before our formation, we have had an unwavering focus on middle market healthcare. Our steady focus and expertise has forged invaluable relationships within the market and allows us to provide industry-leading execution to our clients. Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with unprecedented healthcare knowledge in each of our focus areas.



Quadriga Partners is comprised of highly experienced career investment bankers. Driven by a fundamental commitment to each other and our clients, we combine our deep industry expertise, robust market knowledge and capital provider relationships to add unmatched value to healthcare transactions.





We view clients as true partners. We measure success based on building lasting relationships and assuring our clients achieve their long-term goals – not just consummating transactions. How can we help you reach your goals?

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